A comprehensive Grizzly Hall Tech Pack is available upon request. 

Please email Anthony@comeandtakeitlive.com for more information.





20’-6” width X 18’-6” depth X 3’ height (loading ramp available)

Backdrop trim height is 9’-6”



(4) 30-Amp quad boxes on stage

(4) 20-Amp quad boxes on stage

(1) 30-Amp at front of house



(1) 8’ wide X 8’ deep X 1’ high aluminum drum riser is available and lives on the stage.  2’ high legs are also available if desired.  Please notify us in advance if you would like the riser removed from the stage for your event.





FOH Console

Behringer X32 digital console.  Setup with 32 analog tails to stage split (not AES Cat5), but can accommodate if artist supplies Behringer S series digital split with Cat5. Monitors are mixed from front of house.


FOH Speakers:

(4) JBL SRX835P 15” Three-Way, Bass Reflex Self-Powered System

(4) JBL SRX828SP 18” Dual Self-Powered Subwoofer System


Stage Monitors:

(4) JBL PRX715 15” Two-Way Full Range Floor Monitors across front of stage

(2) Custom enclosure side fills (2 x 15” EV EVX155a + JBL 2447 1.5” driver per side)

(1) JBL PRX715 15” Two-Way Full Range Floor Monitor used for drum fill

(1) JBL PRX618S-XLF 18" Self-Powered Subwoofer System used for drum fill



Side Fills: 2 x QSC PLX 2502 (750 watts per channel / total output: 3000 watts)



(3) AKG D40

(3) AT 2021 condenser

(2) Audix D2

(2) Audix D6

(4) Audix I5

(1) EV N/D 367

(1) EV N/D 478

(2) EV N/D 868

(3) EV PL80a

(4) Sennheiser e604

(3) Sennheiser e609

(1) Shure Beta 52A

(2) Shure Beta 57

(3) Shure Beta 87A
(4) Shure SM57
(8) Shure SM58 

(2) Sterling Audio ST31



(3) Live Wire SPDI Direct Box

(4) RapcoHorizon DB-1 Stereo Direct Box

(1) RapcoHorizon Stereoline Passive Direct Box



(8) Tall boom stand

(6) Short boom stand

(2) Tall straight stand






Elation Professional Show Designer 1


Downstage Lighting:

(4) Martin Mac 101

(2) Elation ELED Tri 64 Par


Upstage Lighting:

(6) Elation ELED Tri 64 Par